Coming 2021




The Gard3n is a collection that deviates from the typical structure of a music group. Regional sounds spanning from the Pacific northwest, the Texas-born prowess of Houston, and traditional hip-hop structures from the South by way of Atlanta, The Gard3n represents different tastes inside of shared musical genres. From alternative to R&B to hip-hop to poetry, the organic nature of The Gard3n’s content represents a complete musical collection shared between three individual artists. Their unique and creative mixes reflect their geographic roots and personal influences. Chilifa Nem, NUDE, and ivy explore the bounds of a musical bond—flowing between individual projects and trio presentations. Understanding that not one project will be the same, they have mastered the seemingly improvised construction of The Gard3n’s work to reflect the natural creation of each artist’s musical process. The Gard3n’s fractured blend of experimental sounds, vocals and production makes for an auditory experience bonded with lyrical intention.

Special love + appreciation to Forest Pond & Never Home Music

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